CTT #27: Now that a Covid-19 vaccine is approved, what’s next?

On Friday, the FDA authorized Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. The announcement marked a major milestone in the fight against the coronavirus. Still, there’s a lot left to be sorted out in the months ahead.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl answer listener questions about the vaccine and the decisions that will define the pandemic in 2021.

Here’s what was discussed [and when] on this episode:

[00:48] What was the biggest news concerning the coronavirus this week and what does it mean?

[02:36] What does the FDA’s emergency-use authorization of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine mean and how quickly will vaccinations begin?

[07:09] Listener question: “I’m four-months pregnant and have a three-year old son. Can either of us get vaccinated?”

[10:10] Listener question: “What happens I take only one dose of the vaccine instead of two?”

[11:00] Listener question: “Which of the two vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) do you recommend? And when will certain people qualify for them?”

[14:32] Listener question: “Does the equivalency of the two vaccines mean you can take one the first time and the other the second (e.g., Pfizer first and then Moderna second)?”

[15:21] Listener question: “I had Covid this spring and it was no fun. Should I get vaccinated when my turn comes?”

[17:40] What do we know about vaccines developed in other countries?

[18:26] Listeners loved our recent episodes on conspiracy theories. But there’s been some pushback concerning Dr. Pearl’s take on Sweden. What gives here?

[20:40] The CDC recently changed its guidelines on the required length of quarantine. Why?

[22:09] Dr. Pearl to Jeremy: How anxious are you to be vaccinated and how long will you wait?

[23:40] Has Covid-19 been in the U.S. longer than we previously thought?

[24:53] How will President-elect Biden’s Covid-19 approach differ from Trump’s?

[26:41] U.S. healthcare spending actually has gone down this year. Why?

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