CTT #54: What can we expect from Covid-19 in 2022?

Greetings and happy-ish New Year. If you’re here for the latest information on Omicron, check out episode #53 or tune in for episode #55 on January 18, 2022.

For now, this (shortly after) New Year’s episode of Coronavirus: The Truth features something slightly different. Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl are zooming out for a more comprehensive look back at the year that was along with a look ahead at what might transpire in the year that is.

Take a deep breath and tune in for answers to the following [time stamped] questions:

[0:56] How can listeners put the past 12 months in perspective?

[02:28] What can we make of the divide in Covid-19 research based on political affiliation?

[07:27] What were the most significant Covid-19 moments of 2021?

[08:49] What can we predict will happen with Covid-19 in 2022?

[13:19] How are parents reacting to the highly transmissible Omicron variant?

[14:17] Will the new oral pills make a meaningful difference in the Covid-19 fight?

[15:21] What about the next set of vaccines?

[18:40] Predictions for how courts will rule on vaccine mandates?

[20:13] What will the next big wave of infections teach us?

[22:51] How is America’s heartland responding to Covid-19 now?

[24:30] Who is to blame for our continued Covid-19 difficulties?

[28:09] What are Dr. Pearl’s big Covid-19 predictions for 2022?

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