FHC #90: Malcolm Gladwell on a new kind of healthcare leader

Malcolm Gladwell—author of “Outliers: The Story Of Success” and “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants”—knows a thing or two about good leaders and bad ones. His insights on leadership blanket his popular books, articles and speeches.

He also knows a thing or two about navigating the American healthcare system. As a relatively new father and the son of a woman in her 90s, Gladwell says, “Observing people at those ends of life, you realize that what you really want from the healthcare system is reassurance as much as anything … You want someone you can call on the phone or email, and who will respond really quickly and tell you it’s going to be okay.”

In this episode of Fixing Healthcare, Gladwell combines his passion for codifying and analyzing effective leadership with his healthcare experiences to prescribe a new path forward.

He joins Robert Pearl, a longtime physician leader and healthcare CEO,  and Jeremy Corr, CEO of Executive Podcast Solutions, for a sprawling discussion about blazing new trails in medicine—from hospital C-suites to physician offices to the AI systems that will undoubtedly impact the future of medical care.

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Dr. Robert Pearl is the author of a new book about medicine’s invisible yet highly influential physician culture. Check out “Uncaring: How Physician Culture Is Killing Doctors & Patients.”

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